There Will Not Be White Xmas For Me This Year

It is about 24 hours before my flight to Sydney, Australia departs. It is hard to describe how I feel right now.

Working aboard and experiencing a new country is something I wanted to do for years. After overcoming countless obstacles applying for jobs through AIESEC, my dream will finally become reality. It seems surreal that in one week, I will start working in a company that is across the position from where I am right now. It is exciting and scary at the same time. I am scared because It will be the first time that I go to a foreign country all by myself and it is 12 months long. At the same time, I am eagered to experience Sydney and meet AIESECers, not (just) as a tourist.

For those of you who still has no idea what I will be doing in Sydney: For the first 6 months, I will be on deal desk team, which is responsible for pricing strategy. For the latter 6 months, I will be on finance team, working on budget. It is hard to say what exactly would I be doing. I guess I will find out once I start working.

Vancouver, I shall miss you. But more importantly, my friends and family. Special shoutout to my home local committee, AIESEC SFU, for providing platform to develop my leadership skills which contributed to my getting the internship offer from VMware.

Off I go in getting ready for jet lag and 20 hours travel time, among other things. Ciao 🙂


6 thoughts on “There Will Not Be White Xmas For Me This Year

  1. What you have said reminds me of me going to Toronto, in a way..but then you are there to work, meaning more responsibility taken as supposed to a student!


  2. Lily! You’re gonna have an amazing year ahead of you! I’m super jealous 🙂 Be sure to bring a koala home for me. Wishing you a safe flight! ❤


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