First 72 hours in the land of Kangaroos


Since I last wrote:

  • San Fran Airport is quite nice. The 4 hrs layover isn’t so bad. I ate dinner, looked at the interesting art designs, and shopped.
  • Sitting at the gate, waiting for boarding. I started to hear cute Australian accent. It is something I will need to get use to
  • 14 HRS FLIGHT: OMG! My first meal has mushrooms and salad in it. What a great way to start things off? (If you know me well, you know what I mean)
  • Flight arrived early. They are very strict about what you bring in the country. Must declare all food/snacks you bring in the country. To avoid trouble, I throw my beef jerky away. 😦
  • Got through customs and “quarantine” and met up with @ers who were there to pick me up. They had this big @ banner and poster to welcome me πŸ™‚
  • Took a taxi because their car didn’t start up in the morning.
  • In the taxi, I saw a HUGE aircraft going on a bridge (?). That was mind boggling.
  • By the time I got to the house, most of the MC were still not up, except the 2 that picked me up. It was pretty early in the morning. Met them one by one as they got up.
  • Interesting fact: Australian coins are very strange. The 50 cents is huge and the $2 coin is one of the smallest!
  • I just learned today that lemonade = 7 up.
  • Apparantly, I will work in North Sydney, which is not the downtown office I originally thought, but its still cool πŸ™‚
  • Everything is more expensive than Canada. But then again maybe that was because I was shopping at a convenient store.
  • So I am the first out of 5 interns to arrive. I will meet up with my managers Friday afternoon for a quick chat. Time to suit up πŸ™‚
  • It is sooo humid in Sydney. I don’t think I need lotion. The downside is that after washing your clothes, it doesn’t dry for 3~4 days. Laundry service, anyone?
  • North is colder, right? Not in Australia. North is warmer.
  • For the past 2 days, I’ve been trying to get the logistical things done, such as trying to get housing, getting a phone number etc. I haven’t gotten a chance to see Sydney. Still no pictures with Opera house etc etc. But that will change tomorrow:)
  • Forgot to bring a SD adapter. All the pictures I have taken so far are still in my camera. I will post pics once I have the chance. (Internet is not as convenient as in Vancouver)
  • Should I get iphone or bb or andriod? That is the question! Time to enter the modern world (finally).
  • That’s all for now (I think). Until next time

AIESECers, keep reading:

  • I am living in MC house for the week. There is no internet there. So I would have to get internet at MC office.
  • MC house is cold morning and night. It doesn’t seem there is heat
  • The MC is a very diverse team. There are Australians, Americans, Estonian, Chinese, and Panamanian.
  • Some of MC had a lot of international experiences. It is great that I get to hear some of their adventures in other parts of the world. (The most recent one I heard is Mongolia. How cool is that? )
  • After meeting with the managers in downtown, I will hang out with LCs in Sydney. There are four LCs in New South Wales. Time for meeting more people/Australians!

4 thoughts on “First 72 hours in the land of Kangaroos

  1. Lily! For some odd reason, I could’ve sworn I left a comment on your blog already…but maybe I’m just delusional. Australia sounds like an amazing start already! I can’t wait for you to tell us all about your first week of work πŸ™‚


  2. Sounds interesting! =)

    Update with pictures of your new place next time! Hope there is a dryer there, hehe. I wonder if it’s possible for fungus to grow on your clothes if it stays moist…


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