“Rent Is Paid Fortnightly”


VMware is the first multi-national corporation for that I have worked. Before working here, I never realized how diverse the workplace can be. Before starting work, I thought all (or most) of my colleagues/co-workers would be Australians. However, people are from all around the world. The company occasionally relocates employees to different countries. You can distinguish from whether they have the cute Australian accent or not.

Last week, I met someone from Sweden. She totally understands when I said the house is too cold, because houses here do not have good (or any) heating system. It feels colder inside the house than outside.  J

Many of my colleagues and AIESECers here have been to many many countries. It is so interesting to listen to their adventures in different parts of the world. My manager has been to many countries in Asia. Unfortunately, I hardly met anyone that has been to or have relatives in Vancouver. It seems they have only been to the East Canada. Shame! Will I get a chance to travel for work? I hope so 😀

AIESECers are everywhere. Seriously! There are four in my office (that I know of). They are from Australia, United States, Poland, and Canada (me).

I meant to write more about VMware but there are still so many things that I still need to explore. It seems prematured to write this post now. However, I had to write something since: Today is a great day because it is my first payday! Cheers!

*The word fortnightly is commonly used in Australia. I had to look up what it means. I haven’t anyone say “bi-weekly”.


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