Manly Beach

Australians sure love their beer.

Time flies! It’s almost a month since I left Van(Rain)couver for Australia! I think I am slowly getting used to the Aussie accent. I remember feeling shameful that I had to ask people to repeat what they said even though I came from an English speaking country.

I never thought I would have a problem with this word – beer. If you are at a pub and you say “I need more beer”, under the context, it is easy to understand, no matter what accent you use to say beer.

After house hunting for almost 4 weeks, I finally moved in to a very nice place close to work. My flatmate is a really nice lady with her son. Her husband is away all the time. Before I moved in, the flatmate asked me to go to dinner with her family. During the dinner, the husband mentioned that he fixed people his computer and he gets beer (as a payment). I thought he said “bill” or “bell” but not alcohol. Oh well.

A few things that I dislike about Australia so far:

  • Smokers are everywhere. I do not want second hand smoke, thanks!
  • Houses/apartments does not insulate well (on top of a cold house in winter, you are suppose to finish your shower within 3 mins)
  • People can be rude: I hop on the lift and people turn their heads so there is no “Hi, How are you?” conversation
  • Garbage: I have a pet peeve about people who don’t recycle, I don’t think Australians are as conscious about recycling as North Americans
  • People leaving garbage on the train
  • The train: You can buy a weekly train ticket from Station A to Station C; then one day out of the week, you need to go from A to B, which is closer than A to C, sorry you cannot do that….

I guess I was in Vancouver so long that I took those things for granted.

It’s getting late again. Time to sleep, Ciao!


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