Trips x 3

Hello friends! I really meant to write more frequently, but the past weeks has been quite busy. In fact, I barely had time to do grocery. The last 3 weeks has been filled with lots of trips (aka. lots of fun), including a weekend in Melbourne. Words cannot describe those places I’ve been to so far. Pictures will come later, so stay tuned.

Why is it so awesome to go on exchange? I get to meet other interns/international people. For the trips I have been on for the past few weeks, 2/3 were with people with diverse culture backgrounds. When we were in the car, we talk about our own cultures. Every trip, I am learning something new.  For example, I never knew Polish folks never have lunch. They have a dinner at 3 or 4pm.

I can feel that summer is right around the corner now. I’m so grateful that I am in Australia right now instead of cold, rainy Vancouver in November. I’m not used the flies here. They are everywhere. I have to be careful when I talk because I don’t want them to fly into my mouth.


Work is treating me well. We are shooting a video to promote the graduate program in my company. This Wednesday, we will have a meeting and see the video footages we shot. I am a little scared after watching the playback of my own video. It is really true that you look 20 pounds heavier behind a video camera. I think I really admire all the actors/actresses that looks great and able to talk presentably behind the camera. Even though it was really short, I think I had over 20 takes?

I cannot believe I am with VMware over 3 months now. In less than 3 months, I will be rotating to my next role – Finance; the next rotation seemed very distant back then. I think I will miss the flexibility that I have for my current role, but I lookforward to have a physical team in Australia (for rotation #2), rather than a virtual team.

Cheers for now!


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