Graduate Intern Program: Differentiate yourself – Step out of your Comfort Zone

I’ve been very secretive about this. Here is an excerpt of my guest blog post on VMware Careers Blog about my internship:

Are you recently graduated or almost graduating? Are you looking for the perfect opportunity to develop yourself? This was me a few months ago.  The first real full-time job is the stepping-stone to becoming more independent. My internship with VMware is not only an awesome way to gain some work experiences, but it also gave me the chance of a lifetime to go explore a city I never thought I would go.
While all my fellow peers are looking for a job locally in Vancouver, Canada, I was looking for one abroad. The thought about going somewhere else to work intrigues me. When you travel, you go to the places every tourist would go to. But you don’t really know the culture until you have lived there and talked to the people. I didn’t really have a particular country in mind, as long as it was not in North America, where I had become accustomed to living.

Check out the entire blog post at:

Thanks to AIESEC SFU for making this internship possible for me 🙂


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