Great Expectations

Fortunately/Sadly it is January. It is finally summertime in Sydney (even though I’m told its the coldest summer in 50 years). That also means I am almost at the half way point of my internship.

Looking back at all the things that happened in the past 5 months+, many things did not go my way. When I was boarding my flight to Sydney in late July 2011, I had expectations about my life in Sydney would be; what I want to do in Australia, where do I have to travel, how work would be like.

Some of these expectations did not end up in the direction that I wanted them to be. Some were awesome in the beginning but are gradually falling apart. When I look back at all the things that have gone wrong, all the struggles, the frustrations,  it is part of life.  I just never noticed them before because I was too caught up in my own little world back home. When something seriously goes wrong, I avoid or ignore it and hoping a solution would present itself, without actually taking time and think about how to deal with them.

My time in Australia has been filled with dealing with issues on my own as they come up. Through the mistakes I made, I learnt a lot about trust, how to deal with difficult situations, relationships with co-workers/colleagues, friends, flatmates etc., these I will never forget.

When I think about those unfulfilled expectations/goals now, they are still achievable. I have accepted the fact that they may or may not be plausible to my 1 year in Australia since many things are out of my control. With that said, life in Australia has been a great ride so far (the good and the bad) and I look forward to another 6 months of adventures down under.

To end on a happy note, I have lots of travelling plans coming up. I am super excited to take more beautiful pictures really soon. Happy Chinese New Year, everyone!


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