Today I had follow up meetings, shredded some paper, cleaned my desk and walked out of the office that I had known for almost a year for the very last time.

Three months ago, I was still deciding what’s next for me. I didn’t know if I should continue to stay in Australia or to go back home. Now I am struggling to fit what I had for the whole year into 23 kilograms. Perhaps time for a short mental break to reflect my amazing adventure in the land down under.

Now that I’m leaving the country so soon, many people ask me what’s the highlight of my time in Australia/What is the best trip I had in Australia. Thanks to all the wonderful people I met here, I cannot one moment and say that is the highlight. There were so many things that I will remember for a long long time.

As for my favorite trip, it has to be: Mungo National Park. Most Aussies have never heard of this place. It is nothing glamourous and touristy like the Sydney Harbour Bridge. However, I have never felt so close to mother nature. Even the road is unsurfaced; we drove for 2~3 hours on red soil. I have seen kangaroos in the zoo the first month that I came to Sydney, but at Mungo, it was a different world. Kangaroos are jumping freely everywhere. We came close to hitting them with our car a few times. The experience doesn’t stop there. Many wildlifes on the way, many 10,000 years old bones later, it is a trip I will never forget.

There are many take aways from my journey in Australia. While I appreciate these things but it is somewhat cliché. If I am in any foreign country for a year, I might feel this way upon leaving. One sunday morning, I realized Australia’s uniqueness. That Sunday morning on a winter day, I was all by myself with empty stomach. Not feeling like wanting to cook, I went to a cafe to buy some breakfast. It was a sunny day and I was sitting outside. Then it occurred to me, that how many places in the world, that you can sit outside, without feeling cold, and enjoy a nice breakfast and coffee/tea in winter? (maybe there are many countries that this is possible but I am from Vancouver, it is a luxury)

With 3 more sleeps till I fly out, I thought I would post something like this on my blog as a celebration. Hope whoever is reading this are enjoying the photos if I have bored you with my words 🙂



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