The Search Fatigue

Taking a break from my normal ode to travel/reflect on culture type of post, this came to my mind while I was researching on Egyptian tea and Bedouin tea.

Interestingly as much as I loved tea in general, and enjoyed drinking tea in Egypt, I never delve much into this topic during my time there. I thought I can make it up by searching online. Then I realized the search fatigue. I was expecting a wikipedia page on Egyptian tea that explains everything in detail. To my dismay, there were only 2 paragraphs of generic description about Egyptian tea on a wikipedia page on tea. Most of the other search results in the next 5 pages (stopped after that) yield websites that sells Egyptian tea.

Bedouin Tea

Photo credit: Susanne Koch

I used to be a good “googler”. I can find all the information I want. I was a master at using the right keywords. I cannot recall since when did it all change. Nowadays, wikipedia is suppose to do all the work for me. There should be bloggers who already thought of this and wrote about it. No? Let me check Youtube. Some Tea guru must have already uploaded a video about bedouin tea. If all else fails, let me try asking someone on Quora.

If all else fails, I don’t have the patience to go through pages of random google results anymore. Wikipedia and other platforms spoiled me much. As for information on Egyptian/Bedouin tea, I guess I will have to find another time to go to Egypt and explore more (Okay. I lied. This post is still about travelling). Admittedly, it is tragic that there are so many ways to buy Egyptian tea online but not enough articles introducing it.

Bonus: I did find this interesting video to share:


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