No, Thanks (DP)

I was browsing daily prompts by WordPress. It is a challenge to encourage bloggers to most frequently. I came across this one from February 6, 2015.

Is there a place in the world you never want to visit? Where, and why not?

When I travel, I love going to off the beaten path places that are not visited by the typical tourist. I want the experience to be authentic as possible. That’s not to say I want to skip all the major/famous sights and landmarks. A combination of both is ideal.

When I think about a place that I wouldn’t want to visit, North Korea comes to my mind (I have been really curious about the country so I watched quite a few documentaries about North of the peninsula). For 2 reasons:

  1. Given the political situations surrounding North Korea, I know all of my money spent for the trip will be funding Kim’s regime and corruption. I cannot justify this ethically. I want to stay away from talking too much about politics. You can read about North Korea here.
  2. I would have no control of of the travel itinerary. It would be propaganda about the glory of the regime. The trip would have little culture value since talking to the locals is not allowed. (one of the most enjoyable part of travelling)

No, Thanks


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