All About Me – Pacific Panorama (DP)

Explain why you chose your blog’s title and what it means to you.

As I mentioned in the About page, this blog commenced when I went to Australia for a year. The blog acted as a medium for me to communicate with my friends back home and for me to write/express/reflect about my experience.

Photo credit: Painted Names 2012

When I was thinking about the name of the blog, I thought about phrases like “Down Under”, “sun-burned” etc. Nothing strike as a good blog title. I can’t recall exactly train of thoughts leading up to Pacific Panorama.

Basically, geographically speaking, the term “Pacific Islands” refers to islands located close to Australia, such as Fiji or Tonga. And hence “Pacific”. It is a bonus that back home in Vancouver, Canada, we are surrounded by the Pacific Ocean.

In panorama photos, can you see the 360 degrees. It is way more than the angles you see from a normal photo. It is how I want to explore Australia. I want to learn all different aspects: getting to know the country in all different angles and directions. I want to capture more than what a photo can present.

All About Me

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