I want change but I have been slacking off. That is the simple truth. I dream one day to be a writer and write my stories as I experience the world. I want to have an unconventional career, be totally in control and free to do with what I want.

Instead, I spent hours browsing online on meaningless things. That store has a sale of 30% off. Let me check if there’s any deals worth my money. I let my blog go weeks and weeks without any new material. I didn’t try to think new topics. It’s not that I don’t know what to write, as much as I want to convince myself.

Photo credit: Lorenzo Tomada

I don’t know when did it happen. I hit the power button of my mind. There are so many things to write about all around me. I stopped uncovering them over time. It is much easier to not thinking about much after a day of work. I felt like I deserve permanent breaks on all times off work, including weekends.

Without feeling I am accomplishing much for months, it is time to get back at it. I realize one thing. I don’t merely enjoy (want) writing to express myself, though it is an essential part of it. I need to write. It makes me seek purpose and see the beautiful things in the world that I couldn’t see if I close my mind.

It is easy to read an article on a tablet or watch a video on youtube. It doesn’t equate to writing in terms of the level of thinking and concentration needed. I am resuming my journey of seeking and bring positive changes in my life along the way.

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