(This page is work in progress)


Australia — a beautiful country that I was fortunate enough to stay for a year. How much I love you and miss you!

Must do’s in Australia

  • Walk across Sydney Harbour Bridge
  • Get sunburned at Manly Beach
  • Christmas picnic on the beach
  • New Years fireworks
  • Feast at Hurricane’s Grill
  • Midnight snack at Pancakes on the Rocks
  • Pick up Aussie slangs
  • Learn how to surf
  • Wildlife


Some of my favourite places in Australia

  • Mungo National Park (Used to be a lake years ago)
  • Kangaroo Island (they have more than merely kangaroos and wallabies)
  • Blue Mountains and the Three Sisters – Sydney: this one I know I am biased. I went hiking there with a bunch of friends and met one of my very good friends from this trip
  • Kiama (How can you miss a touristic spot named “blowhole”?)


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